CCTV Systems


We also specialise in Wireless IP Camera CCTV systems. These are ideal in situations when running cables is not convenient or possible. These cameras can be internal or waterproof external cameras. They link into your wireless network either via your existing wireless router or via a long range external wireless access point. The video footage can be recorded on an NVR (Network Video Recorder). An NVR with a 2TB hard drive will give a 4 camera system between 2-4 weeks of continuous recording before overwriting. The cameras do need to be near a power socket to power them

The cameras have the advantage of being able to be viewed remotely on either iPhones or Android smartphones.

These systems are ideal for farmyards or businesses with several buildings. Remote buildings can be reached via a wireless bridge as long as there is line of sight.

A typical installation consisting of 4 external wireless IP cameras, a 2TB NVR, a monitor, external wireless access point and fitting would cost £850. A free site survey would be needed prior to installation.