Wireless Bridges

Do you have an office or building which is too far from your broadband router to get network access?


Wireless bridges are a good way of extending your network further than CAT 5 network cable will allow. A wired network will only allow a maximum of 100m from switch or router to PC. This may seem a large distance but once cables are tacked to walls and drops are taken into consideration this can be greatly reduced.

The diagram above shows a typical setup which will take broadband and the network into a separate building further than 100m. It also creates the possibilities of using IP cameras to provide security from remote buildings. The wireless bridge needs line of sight but can be configured to transmit up to 30km! Usual distances will be under 1,000m for reliable and fast data transmission. The bridges are external and can be mounted on poles to get the required line of sight.

You can also have several bridges working at the same time and so join together a group of buildings or houses. This means that a single broadband connection could be shared across several buildings, ideal for farms with offices apart from the house or holiday cottage complexes.

A free site survey will be necessary in order to choose the best configuration and placement of the equipment.